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We are Karen and Neil Gwartzman authors of the book Private Label Secrets. We have been working in the trenches for over 35 years private labeling thousands of products, for some of the largest chain stores in the world and have had a ton of fun and success.

We wrote this book for you - for entrepreneurs - for service providers - for coaches- for online retailers - for small businesses so that you can stand out in your business and attract more clients by getting your brand in front of millions of people.   

How?    By adding physical products to your business or creating a business around products, that have your brand name on them. We call that private labeling.  

This book walks you through the step-by-step, easy to follow process of building a global brand that brings in revenue streams you had no ideas existed.

We have packed this book with 35 years of knowledge, tips, and strategies that you will find nowhere because there are so few of us in the physical product industry that have the years of experience behind them.

Enjoy the book...
Karen and Neil
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